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Typical products

During the stay in “La Fattoria” you can taste the local typical products of the Sibillini Mountains prepared directly in the agritourism by Mrs Carla.

Our typical products: pork products,cheese,mountain herbs,homemade sweets.

It’s possible to see how cheese is made(every day on request), the pork products (during the winter, always on request) and the other typical products.

The craft beer

Craft beer is a raw beer, integral and without preservatives with a high content of enthusiasm and creativity. Craft beer is produced by our farm company in quantities always limited. It is possible to enjoy a taste, during the stay it will also be possible to see the beer in its stage of fermentation.

Pork products

Our production begins from the interlacing of highest quality products and only meat produced by our farm. Our strength point resides on the fact that our products (salami, sausages,hams) are craftly created and well aged with the addition of only natural products (salt and pepper) just like it was typical in our areas.


It is a cheese produced with whole unboiled milk, obtained with cows of italian red-patched race. The milk is worked within few hours from the milking,at a temperature of 36°c, using rennet of veal for the coagulation.The coagulated milk is therefore broken in pieces and warmed up to 48°c. After the squeezing cilindric forms weighing 1-1.2 kg are obtained. The ageing takes place in the farm’s canteen (elevated humidity and temperature of 10-12°c) The aged cheese has a soft pulp, with scattered holes and a pale straw yellow color. The taste is very characteristic,with an intensity that increases with the ageing. The farm also produces cheese flavored with hot pepper. Our cheese can be combined with the jams and honey of our production, in the autumn period the farm disposes of a private chestnut grove where it’s possible for the guests of the agritourism to go and pick up the chestnuts immersed in nature. Depending on the different periods of the year in the farm’s grounds it’s possible to pick spontaneous herbs like wild chicory and mushrooms ( porcini,prataioli, mazze tamburo,gallinelle, etc,) The farm produces for our guests sweets, always biological, with the recipes handed down from grandparents with the farm’s products that vary depending on the period of the year.


Cheese castagnoli,chestnut castagnoli,doughnut-type sweets, cakes with walnuts, sfrappe,cakes with figs.

Other sweets

Ciambelloni(ring-shaped cakes), cakes with our jams, apple cakes, cantucci, walnut cookies.


Produced on request for a fantastic breakfast or snack it’s made with the farm’s milk and can be made in various tastes (coffee, apricot, cherry, apple, etc.)

La Fattoria dei Sibillini fa parte di “Un percorso lungo un sogno”, il trekking solidale nel Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini. Scopri di più »