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How to reach

Fattoria dei Sibillini
Via Colle Regnone
Montemonaco (AP)
Tel. 0736/856264
Cell. 333/1021525
Cell. 335/1722701
GPS: 42° 54' 54" N - 13° 19' 7" E

How to reach

From northern Italy

Go along highway A-14 direction south until the exit of Civitanova Marche.Get on the freeway Civitanova-Foligno and drive up to Macerata Ovest-Sforzacosta.Once out of this road turn right and continue in the direction of Sarnano. The distance to cover from the exit of Sarnano is approximately 45 km. Once reached Sarnano go further to the centre of town and proceed for Amandola.

From southern Italy

Go along highway A14 direction north until the exit of Pedaso. From Pedaso get into the state road n. 433 Until Comunanza, the distance to cover is about 40 km. Arrived in Comunanza turn right following directions for Amandola.

From the Tirrenic side

Go along the road Salaria until the cross road for Roccafluvione (attention: don’t proceed towards Ascoli Piceno). Proceed on the S.S. n.78 for about 30 km until Comunanza. At the cross road at the end of town turn left and proceed for Amandola.

From Amandola to Colleregnone (where the agritourism “La Fattoria” is)

Follow directions given together with the pictures following here. The ride from Amandola to Colleregnone is really suggestive for its natural beauty, particularly after having passed by the cross road of Montefortino towards Ambro , you begin to rise in altitude on the sweet slopes of mount Sibilla.The mountain, where Colleregnone is, claims the secular fame of magic place inhabited by fairies.

La Fattoria dei Sibillini fa parte di “Un percorso lungo un sogno”, il trekking solidale nel Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini. Scopri di più »